I really do this blog because I have been driven by facebook people, for some time I have wanted to tell my story … and well. Here I am!!!!

I’m Rustik Johnson, Argentino. Today I am 32 years old, I had an excellent life. I always had what I wanted … my family helped me to be like that and they made my identity unique, excellent!

From my childhood I was never a leader but I did not follow anyone, I always stood out from the pile of people and only draw attention, used to do what I thought was good to do and everything slipped. I was a person who has always been interested in bodybuilding and exercise, rugby player for several years. I have an excessive personality in everything, I always said “I want it all or I do not want anything”

I always had to be more than the other …. and if I had a story to tell it was superior …. but was it superior? Or just wanted to unmark me? I tell you something … was really superior … because it took things to the extreme. That was me. My food was obsessive ,,, eating, I ate everything until there is no more, for example if there were noodles in a lunch, I ate so many dishes I could eat, until in the pot there is no more, Of eating donats, Put 30 in front of me, I ate them all until there is more ,,,, if they served me roast meat and they gave me to choose a piece of roast meat, in a tray full of meat obviously I was going to choose the larger piece, Take soda to finish it, alcohol, I had to be the one that took the most …. not only in the food, my life was like this with everything. For example I was not a runner, and if I wanted to start running, I run for 25 km first time! And so on!
At the age of 18 I met steroids, and abuse them, was the most giant mutant of all, stanozolol, dianabol, trenbolone, oxymetolone, boldenone, durateston, sustanon, oxymetolone …..
And fat burners, energy enhancer, thyroid hormones … like ephedrine, triacane, clenbuterol, t3
Years later 21 or 22 years I started to feel my first problems, panic attacks, phobias, I began to take drugs prescribed by psychiatrist, I was like this for a year, until I said already a year passed, intermittently sensations of death, and I do not die. I thought… this is not going to kill me, so I make the decision to leave the psychiatric drugs slowly, thinking if I had feelings of death I will continue as if nothing, total nothing is going to happen to me. And well that’s how I got through with panic attacks and phobias.
Thinking about what happened to me, I attributed it to steroids. Then I said I am not going to take them, not illegal products, I will train with free sales products!
Despite taking them together steroids at the time I started to take them alone everything that was free sale was allowed by me, in my life. I lived on pills maybe I took 30 pills a day.
At age 24 I went to live alone. And it was an incredible feeling I had freedom, even to cook a totally naked roast, and I did. I took different women every day to my house, I did not even sleep, directly after a big night I was going to work and I was not tired, but I took pills for that! And also 6 cans of red bull, one after another, 2 tied up cigarettes per day, 4 bottles of whiskey a month, liter and a half of coffee my body exploded with energy. Total was something I bought on any side and it was safe, it was free sale ja! My refrigerator could not cope! When I entered the super, I used to walk around all the supermarket, buying everything I wanted, it did not deprive me of anything. In all these foods were 3 pack of soda (18 bottles) without sugar and 10 pack of red Bull. More ahead I will explain why I emphasized on walk around all the supermarket. So my refrigerator was full of soda and Red Bull cans, plus all the food I bought. By the way there were days I got to take 6 soda without sugar of 2 liters and fourth. Obviously the biggest! Every extremist! And could not understand how anyone could buy a half-liter soda. I just did not get it. I got to spend 3 days without sleep and I did not understand how people needed to sleep was stupid and wasted time, there were nights that I was going around the street (almost every night) and I had 6 double coffees in just a while, I was fascinated by my Life and I felt the king.
In addition the super energy that had me rendered at work and everyone talked about me all the time, people either loved me or hated me.
Later I know the woman who would be the mother of my daughter, I went out with her 3 months, I moved with her (started to living with her) and in only one month we started look for a son, I am without limit, if there is a pool and I think I have water I shot! And I get shot!
Well now comes the ugly chan !!
I had long had some strange sensations….. thats everyone … said: it is stress.
What feelings? feelings that came from many years ago. For example, once I felt that one arm it fell asleep without being in a compromised position and well I simply stepped, another day I had awakened deaf from an ear and at 15 days passed, had sleep paralysis followed, sleep paralysis is when you wake up but you are paralyzed you can not Move your body or open your eyes.

Later I started with ataxias (drunkenness when walking) or certain problems in the vision as having a delay when moving the look and focus between points and points. Until one day …. I remember that I grabbed a colleague’s neck to hit him at work because he had lacked respect to me in my own face. (Ahead of other people) and that same night I started to see double intermittently. I ended up going to the neurologist, and he sent me to make a resonance, I had gone on other occasions and as the events that I was detailing were happening to me, I was not going anymore. While waiting for the results of the resonance and seeing double I started to googling (search on google) and everything took me to that was EM. The truth I did not want to believe it so I kept looking, looking for something that would lead me to just being (stress) In brain resonance what did it come out? Demyelinating lesions. So when I went back to the neurologist, he told me about demyelinating lesions, and I told him, Doctor, what are we talking about, MS? And he said yes. But rest assured that with interferon (drug) you’ll be fine, so I started to inject myself. Lesions had all over the brain and had timeless (inflamed of the moment and healed too), He sent me to do a bone marrow resonance, which resulted in 2 more injuries. I remember when I returned to my house … it was like…oooo…rare? And now what do I do? Tell me it’s a dream !! I had read beforehand what was ms, and thought but this to me no, it can not be, I do not, if I’m the best, and if you do! jaja I always knew if you could get ahead, it was me! A person with all the will of the world and intelligence and the ego by the clouds. I remember that from that moment I thought about detoxifying myself, I started to drink 20 liters of water a day and to run …. every holy day ….. I was waking up 4 times a night to urinate … And I was looking for all the Day and night on the internet … One of the first things I read was to Ken Prenser a person who was cured of multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases chelating heavy metals, is practically detoxified. According to him, the mercury of the amalgam mercury goes to the central nervous system and that is the problem that causes M.S. Ok Then I met Cutler a chemist who also attributes the problem to amalgams, and not only cause M.S. But almost all chronic and non-chronic diseases. Like autism for example and he has a protocol of detoxification in low dose with chelants. But before I started to chelate, I needed to get rid of the amalgams with at least one rubber dam. I remember visiting several dentists in my city and nobody wanted to do it for me. They told me rubber dump ?? Are you crazy? To remove amalgams? I had 12 amalgams. So I met up with a holistic odontologist from Spain and she told me that her brother was a holistic dentist living in Argentina, he was in Cordoba. So that week I went to Cordoba. If I remember correctly I got out 3 the first time. And 3 the second. The first time I went in own vehicle, and I remember that the police stopped me on the highway, and they ask me that you are coming to make Cordoba? And I said: I’m coming to the dentist. And they kept laughing !! LOL! ! The second time I travel at 5 am in the bus, and while I was waiting for the bus, a man in a wheelchair is approaching me, and I said or did not have inside … A leaflet said: I have MS Help me! And I told him and I have M.S. And we started to talk… a nice person, I remember that I told him:  I am going to heal from this, and he answers me, for sure. Ja! What can he said to me??, In my head at that time did not understand why he was in a wheelchair if there were treatments. And I told him: why did not take medication?, And he answers me yes I take, that’s why I end up like this until I get tired and leave … his sentence was (I’m the captain of my boat and I choose where to go) I said but can you move your arms? And he answered the right yes and the left not very well …… and a very stupid question of mine I did not know where I was standing, was: when you stop moving that arm what will you do? And he did not answer me. I needed to get all the amalgams out to start chelating. Cutler in addition to chelators is a strong ortho molecular therapy specialist. So I followed his protocol to the letter. Buying imported vitamins abroad. In my country just the import was stopped so all the vitamins I had bought, I lost them in customs. At that moment the only solution was to wait for someone to travel outside and ask  to bring them to me. At that time I happened to ask at a pharmacy for vitamins, and being desperate led me to talk about my subject with any unknown I remember that I started talking about chelation with the pharmacist. And he knew the edta as a chelate strong detox of lead, and several more metals. It was rare for anyone in a country, where we are primates, to know chelation. And tell me that a doctor use EDTA for chelate. According to cutler that is not good, but I had to go and talk to that doctor, I look him up on google, call him and I he appoint me for a week. My despair took me that same Friday to go and knock on the door, I could not wait, it was like I had a bomb in my body that would explode if I did not disable it. So I went,  we talked a lot, and I told him if he could prescribe vitamins I have to follow the protocol of this book. They were doses of vitamins in excess, an example were 12 grams of vitamin C per day and 20 more vitamins! He prescribed everything, or everything that could be bought in

the country of the monkeys, more sophisticated things I must found out of the country. For example I had found the way to bring the vitamins to the mail of my city to make them pass for medicine and with the help of this doctor I got them.

This doctor named me to a holistic dentist in the city so I could finish removing the amalgams. Once the amalgams were removed, I was ready to chelate with dmsa (I bought it in usa) dpms (South Africa, since in usa they were not sale free) and ala (alpha lipoic acid – an antioxidant, I bought it at the pharmacy, according to Cutler was The only thing that crossed the blood-brain barrier to arrive at the brain and extract the mercury). I was doing several hair analysis in the US to see the amount of heavy metals … for me this analysis gives a lot of false negatives does not work) And when I started cheating, i still looking for information on the internet, I started reading about ldn low doses naltrexone, naltrexone is an opiate-derived drug that is used by alcoholics each pill has 50 mg, and I had to take 4.5 mg before going to bed at night… I was too scared to leave the interferon and start with The ldn. And if it did not serve me and made me worst? At that time I had also started to do reiki, I looked for a tourmaline watermelon stone that I had read that helped the E.M. Well this is  extra data, One day take courage and I told the neurologist, look I’m going to leave the interferon (a month and a half I took it) is killing me this drug, is an immunosuppressant and keeps the body’s defenses calmer and even lower. so one does feel weak. The neurologist said me: we can hang on for a while … so I quit and that night I started with the ldn, ldn works on the endorphins in the body. Doing that, one feel better. To all this had also initiated Gerson’s therapy which are 12 or 13 glasses of juices a day, making a type fast, between apples, carrots, endive and beet leaves. Adding enemas to coffees. When I was not doing Gerson, i ate vegetables. A famous doctor Swank did another low-fat vegetable and diet therapy for E.M. So far I felt good a 7, a 7 was very much since when I was with interferon, every day woke up, with something new, aftereffects of the disease, always, could not walk more than four blocks, my fatigue was terrible). I had nightmares that I had no legs. I also began to follow the protocol of Dr. Hulda Clark, where according to her the disease was produced by parasites. And its treatment was through a zapper, a device that circulates a very small current, and very high frequency, besides ingesting herbs to kill parasites like wormwood among others. I remember that I got the circuits of the zapper was to find a person to do it. I started doing saunas for 1 hour every day to detoxify. With Niacin. (It creates a flush or heat state and perspiration (transpiration) increases a lot.All this my pursuit was still, I wanted to be 10 not a 7!. Today I knew that I was 7 because I had practically left the flour and milk. Following diet protocol Ann Boroch …, which recommended chickpea flour was among their allowances, I ate chickpea flour and after only hours I began to feel pain and discomfort, but only chickpea meal was the only thing I had eaten, I started To read about the anti-nutrients (lectins for example) of the chickpea, and to go to the Paleolithic diet.I got into the Paleolithic diet, Primal diet.I started to get quality meats, fed pastures, I was entering a world that totally Unknown to me.  I did not have a single contact from which to buy grass feed animals, I ended up going to a field 300 km from my house to buy a whole calf or chickens, hens.In a lot of  Opportunities I’ve traveled, knowing that if gendarmerie (police) stopped me I lost everything. Until you can make more contacts and find cow Fed to grass or lamb 40 km from my house. I got into the intestinal bacteria, I started to do fmt. (Fecal Transplants) by enemas and even mouth! A liters of broths of bones 48 hs of boiling, (contains gelatin, glutamine), I read in books that it would regenerate my intestine. I also decided to take bovine colostrum, well that caused a before and after. I always had doubts about colostrum, I read that it regenerated the intestine, but this is not milk? I wondered, it does not have casein? Casein was one of the proteins I wanted to dodge. It is said that milk breaks the intestine and make it permeable. But what’s more … I remember looking at a milking yard 20 liters of colostrum, take 5 liters per day. On the fourth day surprise boom I started to see a black spot with my left eye that was very annoying to read. So I had no doubts that food affected me. 30 days I was like this. As I read all the Paleolithic books, and in addition to making assumptions, I thought about starting to eat raw meat back to my ancestors, before the fire, I had faith that would help me … and that if it would rot better because It was going to be fermented meat full of bacteria … what happened to me? I caught a virus, Epstein bar gave me positive but I do not know if it was a false negative…. the subject I was with fever and I had super nodes throughout the body and intermittent facial paralysis, another thirty days more! Haha My life was based on trial and error I had no choice. Then I read the books of Ludwig Johnson, incredible the data provided by that paleo doctor. He has feeding protocols that he calls them, summer, spring, autumn, winter. Where the winter protocol consists of meats and green leaves, without tubers without carbohydrates. Living in a kind of ketosis where the body ketones energy out of fat and glucose from gluconeogenesis, the body without eating carbohydrates looks for the way to get glucose, many organs produce glucose, even the brain. But the liver takes the prize followed by the kidneys. According to Ludwig a Dutchman can consume carbohydrates with fewer problems than a Mexican. Genetically the Dutch is more adapted to do so, since the Mexican when consuming carbohydrates is transformed into glucose and his maladaptation causes that also his liver does … his glucose shoots reserving it like fat, this is not usually given In a Dutch as his body looks for ways to warn the liver not to produce glucose because carbohydrates were ingested. (that’s why doucht are thing and Mexican have more fats around the waist) This winter diet is practically followed by Inuit, Eskimos who consume almost all meat and no carbohydrates. Chronic diseases are practically null by these tribes. So the theory Mr. Lugwig convinced me, but i was 8 (health). It was missing very little for 10. Until I saw that in a very small piece of my foot I got an eczema, and when I stopped eating vegetables It left, and with so Just eating a little lettuce in 3 hours I got the eczema again. Trying to get the eczema out, I left the vegetables and only the meat. And notice something, I felt better. A 9! I want to clarify that this 9 is not only feeding, it is attributed to sleep well, exercise 15 minutes of heavy anaerobic per day, walk 10 km every day where it does sprints, trotting, and walking, (an hour and a half takes me) , I take shining sun while I run, that’s why I choose the half-day schedules where UVA rays help my skin synthesize vitamin D. And try to make a little social life. All of this necessary for extreme healht. Now comes the big day when everything is decoded! The human being lived 2.5 million years adapting, doing the work to build the man that we are today, you want extreme health? just lived like a caveman, I do not know if you’ve heard it, maybe yes, maybe not, but everything went to hell 10,000 years ago when human beings began to cultivate, tribes that were 50 or 150 people left Of being tribes and began the cities …. they began to enclose the cows. In these 2.5 million years, do you think a human milked a wild cow? If they took a liter of milk in your whole life is a lot, (let’s say we are not evolved to drink milk, some adapted more than others), you think they had all the fruit they wanted? do not! The orange tree was 15 km away, they grew once a year, when they could be filled with belly of oranges and bye bye oranges! The same with cereals … wheat, soy, oats , Barley, rye …. we are not adapted to these foods if a human before ate 100 grams of corn for example, throughout his life is much. If we take 2.5 million years to the equivalent of 365 days, 10000 years would be just one day! I always say that if a person starts to eat wood sawdust, he will get sick, for example Alzheimer’s, and will go to the doctor and this one will tell you, you do not have alzhéimer for the sawdust! And if the child of this person eats sawdust, they will also get sick, maybe have type 1 diabetes, and if the child of this person eats sawdust will get sick, and the son, and the son, and the son and so … until a Day will adapt! 50000 years will it take us to adapt? Smaller amounts. 10000 years is very little for our food, change, not only that, if not, that this is unstoppable, because every time we look for alternatives to foods (or create this food in  laboratories). We are machines to survive and reproduce why I say this? To be understood, an example if the woman continues to take the pill contraceptive within 50000 years, the tablet would already be as water would not serve more, the human would adapt to the pill, since our end in life is reproduce, we are Like machines to reproduce. Our genes are going to do whatever it takes to continue with that mission, the “FIRST” mission. If you just go to a farm and listen to the noise of the animals, you realize that you only hear the animals reproducing! 24 x 7. Animals would be fulfilling their mission. What happens is that we are not going to give ourselves the pleasure of waiting for 50000 years of adaptation to the pill. Over every 5 years are created new drugs, impossible to get to see such an adaptation. I say that a person who wants extreme health has to go back in time to become a living caveman today, is it difficult? Yes it’s hard. And more at the beginning. We are cavemen with iphone. Going back to my eczema, I came to the conclusion that any vegetable makes me ill until the mate and I know why. All vegetables, fruit or static tubers, have toxins, a natural poison used as a defense against insects, caffeine in coffee and various anti-nutrients in different vegetables and fruits. But the son of the son of the son of the son for 2,5 million years adapted to those toxins. If someone is healthy, eat paleo, eat hunter-gatherer type. But if your bowel is broken do not eat more vegetables eat meats fed to quality grass and solved the problem. Ludwig Johnson makes the comparison that people are like different types of cars, are the 4×4 and sedans. If you want to feed yourself as you usually feed anyone today, pretend that you are going to pass a strong gravel road. Think this (for example John as 4×4 new) and (Pedro as new sedan). And they start their journey along the gravel road, which is going to make noise and to broke first? Obviously the sedan and even able to leave you paw. That’s why people reach 90 and others at 50. But nobody comes dancing HIP HOP at 90. And that can be. Travel by highway feed. Well! Now I try to be as caveman as possible, is it just thinking of a caveman when he ate? For me, little and nothing. He would hunt and eat, and he would not eat again until he went hunting. So choose to eat one day yes, one day no, one day yes, one day no (intermittent) … It is but one meal a day is what I eat. And for 48 hours fast. It is more … dry fast, without drinking water ……. I go running (simulating a hunt) the 10 km under the sun and I go 15 min to the gym (strength training, no breaks) .. .. AND I TELL YOU THAT I FEEL AT THE END OF 10! I think a caveman ate every every 72 hours maybe, and did not think about taking in water, water, or food were his concern, what was his concern? Survive! Now, that moment of hunting was to leave every 72 hours to kill animals, that is the original diet for me. And maybe it took about 8 hours to hunt. He would return home with his food and throw himself to rest, live like a playboy, just stay in the tribe to talk, laugh and be alert to some predator or problem. The woman was the one who took care of the children, or of attending to it and the woman was constantly moving for them. Maybe he went out with his kids to collect food, maybe. Sometimes I think the woman stays at home and is not exposed to danger. Although today the woman goes to work and the children are raised by the nanny. We can tell the difference between women and men. Example: When a man is to spend 4 hours alone with the children, he will take care of them, of course, but he is annoyed and panic, even if he does not show it. The situation for a man who must take care of his children, is a situation that disturbs him, and the man has much less patience than the woman, the children usually take him out of control much faster than the woman. Now that happens when a woman has a fever, or a man has a fever. The modern woman has a fever and goes to work, continues her life normally, because for millions of years she must have continued to care for her children, and to care for her husband. The husband or playboy has a fever and feels that it is his end,like, he is going to die. What happens when the man comes home from work, he comes in wanting to throw himselfOn the couch and watch television, and the woman arrives from working 8 hours, goes by her house, showers and just continues her day normally, just does not stop. What I mean by all this is that we are still the same but in 2017, I lived as a caveman in 2017 to have extreme health. For example I must take care of my children, going to the work, and other responsibilities of the system I can not eat every 72 hours, or maybe yes, but I do it every 48 hours, I try to live the most caveman possible. Start all this way weighing 140 kg. Today I weigh 75 kg, I have a lean body in bodybuilding. And remember the supermarket? Today if I go to the supermarket, I only buy toilet paper, detergent, washing liquid, kitchen paper, degreaser to clean kitchen, and garbage bags.